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Start and Finish:

15th July 2016
Cavedine, Valley of Lakes  Start: from 5.00 pm

The course is valid as italian stage of UCI World Cycling Tour (The UWCT-Coroporation will keep records of the 25% first athletes of each age category), which UWCT-Final will be held in Cavedine the next 20th September 2013.


A course where the Dolomites mirrored. A terrific, fascinating and speedy Time Trial with the UWCT Final as target. Just fifteen minutes by car Valle dei Laghi can be found, where water dominates the scenery with the lakes of Terlago, Santa Massenza, Toblino, Cavedine and other smaller ones. In this area including the small villages of Vezzano, Lasino, Calavino and Padergnone a unique landscape can be admired, where Mediterranean and Alpine vegetation live side by side, with olive, beech, holm-oak, and conifer trees, as well as laurel and musk. The scenery is delightful with rolling hills, stretches of orchards and vineyards, woods, small lakes and the Dolomites in the distance, and a castle is always in sight from the Madruzzo castle to the enchanting and romantic Castel Toblino, which seems to rise out of the water. The western slopes of Monte Bondone overlook the valley, thick with woods, where we find at a height of almost a thousand metres Lake Lagolo.